Hmong People

Hmong / Hmoob 
(noun; international designation): 
Relating to the Hmong people throughout the world (haiv neeg, Hmong); a person(s) of Hmong ancestry of all levels of diversity and inclusiveness of the ethnic Hmong population, regardless of age, gender, sex, sexual orientation, disability, religion, customs, dialect, clan, and biracial or multiracial children. This term refers to the “people” as a whole. 

*** For Educational & Academic Writing Purposes:
Hmong is the internationally recognized and standardized name for ethnic Hmong people. The term "Hmong" is preferred by Hmong people and scholars. 


HMong / MHong / HMoob / MHoob / hMongol / HMongol 
(political identity with capital H and M):
Refers to the political identity based on two specific dialects of Hmong Americans, the White dialect (Dawb) and Green dialect (Leeg), as a form of social identity marking, labeling, identifying, and dividing membership of certain dialect groups on specific language issues while excluding other Hmong dialects and people outside of the United States. This term refers to the “dialects" and how a person or group of persons think of themselves in relation to the politics of the ethnic Hmong population in America. These terms can be used interchangeably based on political identity.

*** For Hmong Political Purposes:
Some individuals used capital H and M for "HMong, HMoob, MHong, Mhoob, or HMongol" references to their political identity.