Donations for Education

Reading with child

Our Hmong students and their families face some of the toughest learning challenges, especially due to the limited amount of Hmong books and educational resources. Therefore, it has always been our mission to ensure that our publishing services remain FREE for Hmong students, teachers, authors, and scholars.

It is for this reason that we developed the Hmong Education & Language Development (HELD) fund. HELD is a program started not only to ensure that all of our services stay free, but that we can compensate our talented artists and designers at industry professional and competitive rates, and so we can produce more books and resources. Your gift to HELD will be securely handled by PayPal to ensure that your donations are delivered safely. By donating today, you can help us keep our promise to continue our mission of amplifying Hmong voices and creating a more equitable educational experience for our Hmong students, families, community, and for generations to come.