UPCOMING BOOK: Thoughts from Prison - A Hmong Boy's Journey from the Mountains of Laos to the American Urban Jungle

We’re pleased to share with you news about an upcoming book, “THOUGHTS FROM PRISON: A Hmong Boy’s Journey from the Mountains of Laos to the American Urban Jungle” written by Chance Chang Vang. This memoir is a reflection of the author’s journey from immigrant to inmate and finally a new chapter of his life. Vang’s story is familiar to many Hmong refugees, but his lessons learned, and confident voice will ensure this title resonates deeply with its audience.
As the author shared himself: “Some may wonder why I would want to write about the NOT so glorious days of my life. Though some things were beyond my control, I make no excuses for the decisions I made and the subsequent events that unfolded. I am not looking for sympathy. Writing while imprisoned was my attempt to reflect on what happened to me, around me, and within me.  It was my desire to figure out how and why I followed the paths that I did. I take full responsibility for the decisions that I made, and my hope for this book is merely to better understand what led me to the circumstances that took me in a direction that was previously unimaginable.”