UPCOMING BOOK: The Home We Built on 46th St.

We’re pleased to share with you news about an upcoming book, “THE HOME WE BUILT ON 46TH ST,” written by Kia Vang. This book of prose and original artwork tells the story of memories, love, and above all else, the sacrifices Hmong parents made for their children. The title is an allusion to the author’s childhood growing up in an impoverished community in Milwaukee. Ultimately this book speaks to the home her parents, and many other immigrant parents before them, built for their family in search of success and comfort in America. This book is dedicated to the author’s beloved parents, her siblings, and Hmong American family/community:

“For niam and txiv. Rest easy in the clouds. And my siblings who sacrificed and raised me to be the person I am today. For Hmong children to reminisce about a changing future. For Hmong women who are resilient but are the keepers of our people.” Please feel free to share this news with your families and friends and look forward to its release soon.