Happy International Women's Day

Everyday we must recognize and celebrate the amazing Hmong women leaders and role models in our lives, but today is a special opportunity to step back, speak out, and sing the praises of Hmong women, mothers, daughters, sisters, aunties, and grandmothers. Hmong women are the keepers of our culture and history, intricately recorded and immortalized through the art of PAJ NTAUB. They are survivors and conquerors of patriarchy, and their strength ensures that our children and our children's children will prosper in a more equitable future.

It is for these reasons and many more that we intentionally chose the acronym HER (Hmong Educational Resources) Publisher to honor and remind ourselves of the power and perseverance of the Hmong women in our lives. Our mission is to increase and amplify the voices of the Hmong community, and we have been fortunate enough to share the messages, dreams, and knowledge of our diverse Hmong female writers, editors, and artists. You can support our Hmong women authors and creatives at https://herpublisher.com/

The successes and liberation of our Hmong community would not, are not, and will not be realized without gender equity. Happy International Women's Day.