UPCOMING BOOK: Beyond the Color of Our Skin

We’re pleased to share with you news about an upcoming book, BEYOND THE COLOR OF OUR SKIN: THE HMONG AMERICAN YOUTH VOICES, edited and compiled by Pang Yang. With the recent rise in anti-Asian attacks and sentiments, this title is a definitive resource for understanding how racism is formed and perpetuated, told honestly through the lens of our Hmong youth.

BEYOND THE COLOR OF OUR SKIN is both a book about the racism and injustice that our Hmong students experience, and their understanding of the work needed to dismantle it and create a more just future. Despite the pain and discrimination that they face, the remarkable voices in this book find the resilience to turn that hurt into art, poetry, paj huam, and more. As the students and teacher shared: “This book is dedicated to all the equity youth warriors who will make our future a better place. Hate has no place in our books, our schools, our country, nor our world.”